The NIDC Team


Blame should be addressed here.

Artemiy Kondratiev

Artemiy, better known as Art, invests much of his time into peer-sourced education through his work with Code Co-Op in Farset Labs. He values open knowledge and dedication to reaching mastery. One day, he will finally read The Art of Programming.

Heather McNamee

Heather has been involved in open source community organising in since 2008. She’s spoken at NI Developer Conference and BelFOSS, and probably wouldn’t have her current job at Instil as an Associate Product Manager if it weren’t for local community events like these.

Joan Breen

Joan works at HHAeXchange as a Software Engineering Manager of the Payer Product and dabbling in small side projects. Before becoming a mammy was a keen kayaker and mountaineer but is now focused on her twins and their big sister.

Lauren Taylor

Lauren is an energetic, ambitious Software Engineer at Kainos with a passion for community building and TikTok memes. She founded Corgi; an undergraduate women in tech community, organised events within Queen’s Computing Society, presented an AR tutorial at NIDC 2020 and is now AWS certified as a Solutions Architect Associate.

Mark Allan

Mark has learnt from a lot of mistakes, the greatest of which was to start up a developer conference. He started coding on an ICL mainframe in the mid-70’s, but these days his happy place is reactive UIs with serverless cloud back-ends.

May Cheung

With a professional background in the legal sector for 14 years, May realised her passion in tech; now works operations in a startup. In addition, she recently she became Chief of Staff at OpenUK. An active member of the tech community having previously given talks at NI Developer Conference and BelFOSS.

Zan Dani

Zan has had a few careers; as an extra and a cameraman, he was even in the navy at one point. When he’s not skateboarding around Belfast, he’s at Farset Labs working on his UI/UX designs, where he also volunteers on projects for the space.